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With such rapid advancement in the field of technology and huge generation of data by individuals, it would not surprising if every individual would be ‘generating’ 7 MB of data every second in the very near future. The data generated by us in the recent past has been quite significant.

Big Data and The Big Problems That They Bring

Big Data Big Data As you know, first of all – the facts. And then they can already turn as you like. Famous saying about “There are Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” is no longer a joke, but it is the daily norm. The thing is that, in itself it is an array of data,… Read More »


Five Predictions: Big Data in 2015

According to experts, in just a few years, Big Data technologies have gone from loud promises to one of the main driving forces behind the new digital era. In 2014, we increasingly saw how companies implemented projects more in big data from the test phase and moved their manufacturing operation. This year, the organization will… Read More »


Introduction To The Concept Of Data Lake And Its Benefits

  Big data does not generate value for you. The generation of value is when we create insights that generate tangible results for the business. However, creating big data projects do not constitute simple tasks. There are many technologies, but the challenge of integrating a very diverse collection of structured and unstructured data is not… Read More »


Gartner: Data Stored Today, will be more Organized by 2020

Gartner believes that by 2020 organizations will share the hosting data in accordance with a combination of factors. Among them is the cool factor, the political factor and the logical factor. In its disclosure to Gartner used the term date residency (residency of data), to refer to the physical location of information. For the vice… Read More »


Internet of Things (IOT) : How It Will Change Your Life ?

More and more people are talk about this phenomenon that was even considered in the universities and then founded the CeFIRST, Centre for Educational Innovation and Social Research and Technological University Foundation INUIT which analyzes the so-called Big Data stating ‘IOT. The Internet of Things represents a kind of neologism that refers to the extension… Read More »