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Piyush Somani, a first generation entrepreneur, personifies ESDS's commitment to customer satisfaction and high quality of deliverables. Through his experience in a variety of roles across ESDS, he has built a reputation in the IT industry for his exceptional ability to build and grow business and nurture long-term relationships.

Cloud eNlightenment – an eye opener

Cloud computing is experiencing phenomenal growth all over the world and the CIO fraternity is forced to adopt a “Cloud first” policy, but before you scroll down, I would like to ask you 2 basic questions :- Do you believe that majority of the CIO’s have some serious pressure from their top management or their… Read More »


USPTO patent for our eNlight Cloud platform doubles the Diwali Celebrations at ESDS

USPTO patent for our eNlight Cloud platform 3rd November 2015, we got USPTO patent for our eNlight Cloud platform. The patent is titled “Method and system for real time detection of resource requirement and automatic adjustments” bearing the patent No. 9176788 ( Ref :- ). Simplified meaning of this patent is “Real time adjustment… Read More »


The IT industry operates to a key word: Evolution

Evolution is transformation of the present into the futuristic. Envisioning the next big thing while keeping an eye on the prevailing mores is what helps the industry grow. Globalisation dynamics, rapid digitisation and evolving customer expectations continue to alter the business world in fundamental ways. A careful review of the IT scenario today reveals certain… Read More »


9 Mistakes A Seeking Entrepreneur/Manager/Leader Should Not Do

Being an Entrepreneur, Manager or a Leader is not an easy job. There are many things in the Business which need your 24×7 attention, an Entrepreneur/Manager/Leader is often expected to wear multiple hats simultaneously. This is especially true in case of a small business, which have limited resources at their disposal. Achieving maximum number of… Read More »