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Google Search Algorithm Updates – Content Farms, Low-Quality Content and Webspam

Google has been making some major changes to its algorithm recently, primarily to penalise sites that contain low-quality content and “content farm” websites. The latest string of updates is to further improve the search result relevancy; and of course, the first Panda update that was implemented by Google had resulted in affecting 11.8% of all… Read More »


Are you a web developer? Free alternatives to proprietary and commercial software for developers!

The best thing in life are definitely free when it comes to developer software. There’s plenty of free software that does the job as well as the commercial and proprietary offerings. The difference is the price – free software is free; and many of which are released under fair licensing terms that give you many… Read More »


Co-location Hosting in State-of-the-Art Data Center

Colocation hosting is the process of a business taking their own physical hardware and hosting it with a third-party web hosting company in an enterprise-class data center; the simplest way of looking at co-location hosting is as dedicated server hosting, but you own the hardware that you are supplying. Larger businesses can often make deals… Read More »


Creating a Custom Hosting Environment Using Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is a physical server that is formed of physical components that can be adjusted to provide servers of differing specifications, with low-specification dedicated servers being the least powerful and the most powerful dedicated servers being available in the form of high-specification hosting plans. Whereas virtual server hosting services such as VPS servers… Read More »


What are the main differences between the shared cloud and a private cloud?

The shared cloud is designed to provide individuals and small businesses that have fairly simple requirements with an affordable way in which they can enter the cloud. With the shared cloud you can specify the resources of your individual virtual machines so that each VM is designed to meet its usage precisely; the eNlight platform… Read More »


Benefits of using eNlight Cloud Web Hosting

The provisioning of virtual machines and resources for these has been increased dramatically with the introduction of the eNlight cloud, therefore reducing the time that they a business will have to wait to add additional capacity to its IT infrastructure. eNlight users are provided with a web-based control panel through which they can control their… Read More »