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Fundamental Basis of Cloud Hosting Platforms

IaaS-based cloud web hosting platforms provide customers with complete control over their web hosting experience, with emphasis put on the operating system used and the resources of virtual machines. eNlight from ESDS is a prime example of an IaaS implementation because our cloud hosting clients are able to develop their virtual machines with the resource… Read More »


Cloud Hosting with eNlight for 99.95% Uptime

The cloud is designed to offer a centralized platform on which applications and services can be delivered to any internet-connected devices, compared to standard web hosting plans that are often designed for the hosting of websites and web applications only. eNlight from ESDS is a scalable platform that businesses of all sizes can take advantage… Read More »


What is PHP Data Objects and how do I use PHP Data Objects?

What are PHP Data Objects? PHP recommends instead of using the standard mysql_connect() and mysql_query() functions that instead you use PHP Data Objects, or mysqli_() functions for database interactions. PHP Data Objects are a robust, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use object-oriented interface for interacting with databases. Object-oriented programming is a conceptual programming model for developing applications, and… Read More »