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How, What, Why’s of hybrid cloud orchestration?

Hybrid Cloud Orchestration There has been a significant increase in the use of cloud computing technology over the last few years. This demonstrates a great opportunity for business innovation, especially those businesses wanting a secure and flexible infrastructure solution, which if we look at, is clearly what hybrid cloud solutions outline. Hybrid cloud is attracting… Read More »


Why 43% of Indian organisations will adopt the Hybrid cloud by 2020?

Cloud Hosting has proved to be a stepping stone in the transition of the Information Technology market and digital India in 2018.  Cloud Hosting has progressively transformed India with the rapid growth of It industry and organisations allocating shares from their revenues for cloud innovations.  Though cloud hosting was highly accepted in India data security… Read More »


Lo and Behold, The Future of Cloud Computing…

Almost everything in the digital world is connected to cloud in some way or the other. Many CEOs of top IT companies believe that the future of cloud computing has already begun since organisations today do not look upon cloud computing as an add-on but a mandatory requirement. It has already proven its worth with… Read More »


Why Entrepreneurs Prioritize Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud Organizations were skeptical of cloud computing. Having their data stored on a remote location created trust issues & hesitations. Some organizations have implemented cloud computing completely while some are reluctant. Pushing ahead, with enhanced profitability the need of the day, IT companies and CIOs that acknowledge hybrid cloud situations will have the capacity… Read More »


Hybrid Cloud Services, The Preferred Model In The Next 10 Years?

According to a study, international provider of ERP and enterprise software companies are increasing investment in technology, Cloud for back-office applications, but growth will remain stable this year. The study was based on responses from 700 medium and large dynamic organizations from 12 countries. Almost half of respondents (334) mentioned that at this time that… Read More »