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Outlook of SaaS Market

In my last blog I deep dived into the vast world of software as a service. The whole SAAS infrastructure did sound like a little stiff, tightly coupled to the browsers and had limitations of a web page.  In past couple of years the Internet technology has come a long way and has evolved from… Read More »


Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

Over the past two decades India has emerged as a software services provider and is still evolving. All the businesses require to store or maintain their data to make business decisions. As per increasing business needs the stored data should be accessible anywhere at all the times to make smart business decisions. Hence the data… Read More »


Hosting Industry : New Trends

Changes in technologies have affected various sectors around us. Web hosting industry has also undergone several changes and has been forced to adapt to various technological upgrades. Most of the changes in the industry have occurred at the back-end and people dealing with data centers or resellers and service providers have felt it. Listed below… Read More »