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Core Banking solutions

Core Banking Solutions

Banking business has made a huge headway over a period and grown exponentially around an entire gamut of products and transactions under a wide umbrella. Core Banking is the meeting point of the largest banking services segments, cutting edge Information Technology and the ever advancing Communication Technology. Core Banking solutions are all about providing the banking customers with the right products at the right time through the right channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a multi location, multi branch network.

Our banking solutions cater to the best class of the banks, and incorporate deep business functionality. These products have entitled our customers to differentiate their banking services, thus making them more competitive in the banking sector. We offer end to end core banking services along with microfinance and Financial Inclusion Services thereby ensuring the availability of banking services at an affordable cost to disadvantaged and low-income groups.

about Core Banking Services

Our core banking solutions converges information from automated systems separate divisions, and performs the following functions:

Provides automated centralized execution of account in branches

Policies within multidivisional bank. Doing a "general ledger" objects such as work plans accounts, encyclopedias account assignments, reference to the rules of naming and numbering of personal accounts, allow, in conjunction with advanced control mechanisms to monitor compliance with rules and restrictions imposed by the policies adopted by the Bank.

Accumulates the basic data on the flow of funds to personal accounts, providing a reduction of flow accounting documents from other banking systems and formation of a single flow transactions.

Our core bannking solutions can let you manage bank operating and monitor the activities of the branches.

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