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Cloud Computing and SaaS For eCommerce Website

Electronic retailers are faced with new challenges, and the development of its business strategy leads them to expand and enter the eCommerce site in more channels and devices. Specialty stores, new product lines, instant deals, launching of new geographic areas, among other movements, leading electronics retailers continually innovate to differentiate. The creation of new sites… Read More »


Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

Over the past two decades India has emerged as a software services provider and is still evolving. All the businesses require to store or maintain their data to make business decisions. As per increasing business needs the stored data should be accessible anywhere at all the times to make smart business decisions. Hence the data… Read More »



Cloud – The technology of distributed data processing in which some scalable information resources and capacities are provided as a service to multiple external customers through Internet technology. Cloud computing basics concept includes all of the following concepts: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – A computer infrastructure, typically presented in the form of virtualization. Is… Read More »


Talking About SaaS (Software as a Service)

I am constantly participating in events on Cloud Computing and one of the coolest things about these events are the conversations on a cup of coffee, those intervals where good ideas can be exchanged. A recurring theme that arises in the discussions now and then is SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), and just listing some interesting questions worth… Read More »


3 Tools That Changed The Hosting Industry: SaaS, Cloud Computing And Mobile

For some time, I found myself thinking that the world of web hosting needs to change something profoundly: The web is changing and so is changing the delivery of services online, whether they be web hosting services or whether services that can be outsourced, as are today SaaS, from CRM to manage e-mail to millions… Read More »


The Advantages Of A Public Cloud Computing

I’ve been following cloud computing for some time and every day I see that it is accelerating the ripening process and trying to understand its concept and technologies. Today it is clear that, in its various forms, cloud computing has the potential to significantly change the way IT operates, and manages and allocates its budget,… Read More »


2012: Cloud is a Reality

The topic cloud computing, still demands a lot of debate and conflicting opinions, it is already becoming reality. Every day we see the ecosystem built around cloud computing and to consolidate, more and more success stories are published. I will not quote statistics and forecasts that always come from industry analysts, who provide these stats… Read More »