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Safeguarding your Organization from Internal Threats

Just a quick recap from my previous blog where we focused majorly on How crucial data is and what’s even more important is its security. We also saw some standard practices for ensuring Data Security. 1. Disk Encryption- Converting data into a form that cannot be easily interpreted without a key that makes it legible. 2.… Read More »


IT Needs To Change Security Policies

IT managers and information security will be unable to directly control or adequately protect company data in the coming years. The confluence of cloud hosting solutions, mobile technologies and the consumerization of IT is driving major changes in how corporate data is accessed, used and shared. Instead of trying to fight with this movement and… Read More »


Tips To Measure The Effectiveness Of Governance Identity

In the community of IT security initiatives, identity and access management (IAM) are considered to be of high value. But the processes, technologies and policies to manage digital identities and controlling how identities can be used to access resources are notoriously problematic to implement. This dilemma has led to the rise of what is called… Read More »