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Disaster Recovery for Banks

It would be quite fundamental to talk about disaster recovery or business continuity plan (BCP) for banks because being in 2019; we have moved on from the utmost importance of these ideas to keep the operations up and running. So we would naturally tend to think that today all banks are prepared for any type… Read More »


Top 5 Tips for Disaster Recovery Planning

In this modern era of “always-on” business, prolonged downtime is not acceptable.  It is the need of the generation to keep small or large businesses running all the time. A steady rise in data security attacks and continuously changing IT landscape have revolutionised the disaster recovery market in recent years. According to stats, 86% of… Read More »


A Road to Cloud…

We all know that cloud computing is the next frontier in business computing and service delivery. With traditional networks, one has to pay for the entire infrastructure compared with cloud one has to pay only for the resources they use. Due to this huge advantage many companies are opting for cloud services rather than traditional services.