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Technology : A Game Changer in Rio Olympics 2016!

In this Olympic season world will see the most innovative technology is been used in Games. From sensors that allow fans to monitor athletes’ heart rates in real time, to lap counters at the bottom of swimming lanes. Also an innovative cloud technology will be used for player’s medical care as well. What’s even more… Read More »


7 Primitive uses of cloud

7 Primitive Uses of Cloud Computing Cloud computing has been experiencing a lot of competitiveness due to cost decrease, versatility, Flexibility and optimum resource utilization. Here are a couple of circumstances where Cloud computing is utilized to upgrade the capacity to accomplish business objectives.    Private cloud and Hybrid cloud Among the numerous advantages of utilizing… Read More »


The New Technology Waves That Are Breaking On Us

In recent months I have written articles about the four technology waves already crashing over us: mobility, cloud computing Services, social business and big data. Each has a high disruptive power and the four together are a real tsunami. In fact, we cannot look at them in isolation. This power has dramatic transformation in what… Read More »


Governance Information Security in SMEs

Investments in Information Security is already on the list of priorities of CIOs of large corporations. This concern is already being reality in small and medium enterprises. Arrange to grow in a sustainable manner is a common goal of organizations, small and medium businesses. However to take the first step, it is clear that such… Read More »