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Ransom:Win32/Petya.A-joey / Ransom:Win32/Petya Alert level: Severe Ransomware? WannaCry? Petya? What are these words? No dictionary mentions them or there wasn’t any bubble about them till last year, yet nowadays they tend to be the most powerful searched & feared terms! Searched by novices & Feared by the unfortunate affected victims! Starting the second week of… Read More »


“D” for Demonetization!

Demonetization! Breaking the grip of Corruption, Terrorism & Black Money.. really? Demonetization! Demonetization!! Demonetization!!! All news channels flooded up since 2nd week of November 2016! What is this Demonetization?? The recent announcement of 500 & 1000 rupees currency notes demonetization put everyone in our country in the life-size test due to the brutal suppression of… Read More »


How IoT is changing our World?

The Internet of Things has changed the dimensions of traditional Business IT. To tap the potential need for a highly scalable and reliable IT Infrastructure, they should be on standardized components and open protocols and include the three layer Devices, Controllers and Data Center or the Cloud solutions. The Internet of Things connected all of… Read More »


Types of Load Balancing

Load Balancing  In a previous article we have seen the basic mechanisms that are used while configuring load balancing (Load Balancing with HAProxy for High-Availability), so let’s get into the types of load balancing… No Load Balancing The name says it all; without load balancing it’s just a simple web application environment. The following diagram… Read More »


Multiple SSL on the Same IP using SNI

How to stop wastage of IP addresses? Using SNI technique to use multiple SSL with single IP is a one way to avoid IP wastage. But you may ask why we need to use IPs more judiciously? Let’s find out the answer together to understand the importance of IPs in the shadow of IPv4 shortage.