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Hosted SAP on Cloud

The growing number of companies running SAP for their operations was the reason why a Hosted SAP model was invented by the techies. Nowadays, almost every Medium & Large enterprise is aiming for the SAP for their internal processes streamlining, reason being it is one of the top enterprise resource planning application systems and management… Read More »

What are the main differences between the shared cloud and a private cloud?

The shared cloud is designed to provide individuals and small businesses that have fairly simple requirements with an affordable way in which they can enter the cloud. With the shared cloud you can specify the resources of your individual virtual machines so that each VM is designed to meet its usage precisely; the eNlight platform… Read More »

Benefits of using eNlight Cloud Web Hosting

The provisioning of virtual machines and resources for these has been increased dramatically with the introduction of the eNlight cloud, therefore reducing the time that they a business will have to wait to add additional capacity to its IT infrastructure. eNlight users are provided with a web-based control panel through which they can control their… Read More »

Fundamental Basis of Cloud Hosting Platforms

IaaS-based cloud web hosting platforms provide customers with complete control over their web hosting experience, with emphasis put on the operating system used and the resources of virtual machines. eNlight from ESDS is a prime example of an IaaS implementation because our cloud hosting clients are able to develop their virtual machines with the resource… Read More »