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How artificial intelligence is changing the healthcare landscape

The rise of the digital era leads to the rapid development of big data analytics in healthcare, thus enabling success to AI in healthcare. Artificial Intelligence has recently directed large waves across healthcare, fuelling an ongoing debate of whether AI enabled doctors will replace human physicians in the future.  It is strongly believed AI enabled… Read More »


Cloud computing : A promising platform for healthcare industry !

Healthcare industry is learning about unlocking the benefits of cloud computing without compromising on security. Healthcare is moving to a digital platform and focusing more on patients. While using cloud computing, healthcare consumers must have a clear understanding of unique benefits and risks associated with cloud computing, and set genuine expectations with their cloud provider. Challenges… Read More »


Model For Building A Cloud Infrastructure

While our country can be called a “cloud country” solely in terms of its climate. In the development of cloud computing, our country has not yet succeeded. Nevertheless, to attribute the cloud to the number of unpromising directions for our country would be premature and erroneous. Just the opposite: that “cloud computing” may be popular as anywhere… Read More »