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Disaster Recovery for Banks

It would be quite fundamental to talk about disaster recovery or business continuity plan (BCP) for banks because being in 2019; we have moved on from the utmost importance of these ideas to keep the operations up and running. So we would naturally tend to think that today all banks are prepared for any type… Read More »


Virtualization Can Change Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

The adoption of cloud computing and virtualization is growing rapidly. But implementation of these new technologies raises concerns regarding the reliability of your data and applications accessed by the cloud. In addition, companies are also taking into consideration the high availability of information and recover from disasters, such as data loss in floods, fires and… Read More »


Cloud Computing in Disaster Recovery Strategy

Companies with data stored in the cloud computing are able to retrieve it in less time than organizations with technology-based data backup to tape devices or removable disks. For large organizations, this information can be bland, it is normal to keep more than one layer of data recovery and disaster recovery solutions. Often, these solutions… Read More »


What Type Of Company Hires A Data Center?

Companies continually live with the pressure for spending cuts. One of the feasible ways is to focus the workforce on its core business, opting for outsourcing of various satellite services. This includes the area of IT – including Data Center, or database. For the choice of outsourcing, to have a good foundation is necessary to… Read More »


The Tips On Disaster Recovery

Today, we will discuss about the criteria that managers of a company should consider to make sourcing decisions effective for disaster recovery. Basic Considerations Continuous pressures of senior management to improve the promptness of the recovery in times of tight budgets are forcing many companies to evaluate all the alternatives of data center services to… Read More »