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Does your Data Center have TIA / EIA 942 Standard ?

Setting up a data center is a complicated and lengthy procedure. Would that help to standardize the process and reduce the risk of unreliable equipment and eliminate the need for additional investment in the elimination of defects? According to the research, the world average volume of user data per one company that is 120 terabytes.… Read More »


Raised Floors in Data Centers

Raised floor has become an architectural foundation for building modern data centers (DC), but their use is not limited only by machine halls of data centers. Easy upgrade, as well as the ability to quickly add or remove cables, provided with modern modular system makes attractive use of raised floors and other premises. Today, designers… Read More »


Data Centers and Infrastructure Management

Data Center Processing is a complex engineering structure, intended for centralized deployment and maintenance of data center equipment. There are many external factors that are affecting the quality of resources. Especially important and noteworthy is the negative impact of the environment and the human factor. To avoid this problem, the wide range of high-tech engineering… Read More »


What Is Managed Hosting

A dedicated server is probably going to be the most expensive form of web hosting that you will ever purchase and so as well as making sure that you purchase the right dedicated server for your requirements, you need to be sure that your server will be managed properly. Whilst most users of dedicated servers… Read More »


What Is Server Colocation Centre

Co-locations centres are a type of data centre where many customers host their servers on powerful and fast networks. Co-location centres are often referred to as ‘carrier hotels’ as multiple telecommunication providers tend to offer connection peering points at co-location centres. Co-location centres are often made up of several data floors that are simply large… Read More »