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Data Center Services

ESDS is a Tier III fully managed Data center service provider in India. The datacenter with a total built-up area of 50,000 sq. ft. Internet Data Center (IDC) site is secure from any natural calamities such as floods, tsunamis, earth quakes and landslides. Prior to constructing the (IDC) building a soil boring test had been organized and the structure of the building was built according to the result of the quality of soil present at the site area best suited for climate in India. To prevent the datacenter building from an earthquake, proper RCC structure construction has been built. The entire building structure of our datacenter is on a single basalt rock. Approach roads are very close to the site which helps to reach the (IDC) site easily. The datacenter site is in the industrial area which is a peaceful area away from city traffic. Adequate rainwater harvesting pits are present to drain excess rain water. All these facilities helps us to provide ideal services in India.

Our Datacenter floor walls are especially built using Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) Block. CLC provides better strength and higher fire rating. CLC also gives better acoustic and thermal insulation creating a temperature difference of up to 4-5C. Double wall with a cavity of 3ft helps to decrease internal temperature and thereby provides better security services in our datacenter. Utilization of vermiculite material in the floor helps to reduce the temperature inside the floor. The ESDS datacenter specializes in the provision of high quality managed webhosting services, managed servers, serverracks & cages, colocation services and system security services in India.

Our datacenter infrastructure in India is specifically built for true-line server performances, while being independent of any other center for providing technical or non-technical services.


ESDS is the network operator of data centers. All venues and engineering systems were established in the company that are based on years of experience in building data centers in large companies - banks, telecom, industrial, commercial enterprises.


ESDS offers a wide range of services in the field of data centers:

Construction Of Specialized Buildings For Data Centers

ESDS experience in creating datacenters since 2005 and has serious competence on all matters relating providing optimum conditions for the IT infrastructure of the company. ESDS builds specialized buildings for data centers and performs the full range of design and coordination of design decisions with regulatory organizations. Creating a "Turnkey Project" with the help of specialists of ESDS will help you to reduce the cost of establishing the datacenter, resulting in significant time savings. All objects network of data centers are built by the company and can be demonstrated to our potential customers.

Engineering Systems For DCs

Well-organized engineering infrastructure of datacenter – a guarantee of safety and smooth operation of information systems. ESDS offers a complete solution: design and construction of power, cooling, fire, centralized monitoring and control systems, engineering systems, datacenter structured cabling system. Much attention is given to projects technical security alarm system and video surveillance, access control. ESDS specialists have experience in creating physical protection systems on the basis of datacenters that are protected from external influences premises.

IT Infrastructure For Data Centers

ESDS has extensive experience in creating infrastructure for processing and storing information based on platforms from leading manufacturers: IBM, HP, Dell and other vendors. Solutions from ESDS provide high availability of IT services, ensuring mission-critical business applications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Telecommunications Infrastructure For Data Centers

Thanks to telecommunication infrastructure datacenter that lets users to access information, data replication and balancing, optimization and protection channels, control, and any exchange of information. ESDS creates telecommunication solutions for subsystems of local data network datacenter based on several groups of products. Telecommunications solutions for the datacenter may also include separate subsystems ensure fail-safe operation of datacenters and backup. This can be a high-speed trunk line between the two centers, the optical network for storage (storage area network) or the load balancing application servers.

Support Service For Datacenter Subsystems

Service center engineers and round the clock technical support of ESDS maintain all equipment and embedded solutions.

ESDS has its own extensive stock of spare parts, equipment and service center has its own supply of parts to restore the systems of any complexity, supplies and redundant equipment. Direct communications with manufacturers allow to obtain replacement parts as quickly as possible. Due to the developed system of partnerships with companies in the region, experts are ready to provide ESDS recovery equipment anywhere in India as soon as possible.

Automating IT Datacenter Infrastructure

For centralized management of IT and telecommunications infrastructure, ESDS offers solution based on various manufacturers. The decision includes a set of management systems telecommunications network, servers and applications, components, storage systems and allows administrators to simultaneously change the configuration of hundreds or thousands of servers.

Mobile Data Center

Dynamics of modern business requires all IT infrastructure to be more flexible and mobile. That is why, the use of mobile datacenters is growing and gaining popularity in the world. Integrated solutions that combine in a single container of IT equipment, telecommunications and engineering infrastructure.

ESDS offers solutions from leading manufacturers of mobile data centers.


ESDS leads major projects to build storage systems and offers implementation and integration of all subsystems storage: High-End Storage with guaranteed performance for the most demanding applications; Storage system based on flash memory for applications with the highest demands on IOPS; virtualization system-level data storage network; Disk backup with integrated deduplication "on the fly"; backup system with integrated deduplication at the source; File storage system scale-up to tens of petabytes; Archival storage system with access to content (contextual data storage); Distributed archiving systems; Solutions for remote data replication.

At ESDS's center, we merge distinct solutions with excellent services backed up with advanced technology, to give you the ultimate power of IT.

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