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Windows Dedicated Hosting Explained

There are many web-based businesses that need Windows-based dedicated server hosting. Windows web applications and related softwares are becoming very cost-effective and are also upgraded regularly with advanced features. Although these web applications, scripts, and softwares are still expensive compared to the Linux-based web applications and softwares, the Windows-based applications features more advanced features. Hence, the users of these applications and softwares will always prefer Windows dedicated server hosting.

Apart from the businesses, there are plenty of web developers who use the ASP.NET platform and the .NET application platform to develop softwares. These applications need Windows dedicated server hosting. These applications are platforms to create large-scale web applications rapidly. The plesk dedicated servers hosting provides the necessary platforms consisting of latest technical developments in processors, other hardware, and web applications, especially Windows-based, suited to run these large-scale web applications effectively.

The chief databases used by the Windows applications are the Microsoft Access and the Microsoft SQL Server database management system. As these are critically important back-end tools, they require expert database administration skills for their management and maintenances.

A managed Windows dedicated server hosting can well provide complete secure environment using select firewalls and special configurations applied to these mission-critical applications. As these Windows-based web applications and softwares are constantly upgraded with new technology, the service providers must also be able to provide domain expertise in these fields to the customers.

Windows dedicated server hosting providers are able to completely manage all the high-end requirements of Windows-based applications, ranging from advanced processors, higher RAM, non-stop connectivity, added applications’ security, and complete control to run these specific applications from their data centers due to the availability of world-class infrastructure, cooling and redundant power systems, best data transmission facilities, and superior skills in management and technical support.

The other top 5 benefits of using Windows dedicated server hosting are :

  • Proximity to the data center
  • Comparatively lower fees and foreign exchange savings
  • Outsourcing the server management to the service provider
  • Low-cost local skilled manpower utilization as the country produces high numbers of highly skilled web technicians
  • High-quality world-class dedicated web hosting offered by local data centers that also include redundant power for full uptime, security, and top-quality infrastructure to name just a few features of quality hosting.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting has come a long way in recent years and are now in high-demand not only from local businesses but from all over the world, especially from the Asian, Middle East, European, and the US businesses.

Due to the skilled experts in management and technical fields available in ever-growing numbers, and the cost-effective nature of hosting, the world is now turning to the top hosting service providers for their web hosting related needs. This is especially true in case of Windows dedicated server hosting as it requires a very high level of skills – and ESDS now has ample resources to meet all these global needs and provide the best web services that can surpass all expectations.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Usually, an inexpensive web hosting server’s resources are shared between numerous, sometimes almost countless numbers of websites residing on a single web server. Despite the fact that division of resources brings down the expense of hosting for your users simply because many people share all the web hosting resources, a big company or any individual needing total server handle will prefer the powerful dedicated server hosting. This is especially beneficial.

Dedicated server hosting in can be used by the thousands of top and middle-level companies with great advantages. This method of hosting makes it possible for these customers to hold the most effective functions of web hosting exclusively for their companies without sharing the servers with other individuals or companies.

The dedicated server hosting provider will maintain the security aspect of the company’s important sites and sensitive data. It also means that the company can get the entire web server for its exclusive use. The server resources like the disk space, RAM, quality bandwidth, and other such important features can now belong exclusively to the company leasing or owning the dedicated server.

This can actually mean saving money in the long run, saving on maintenance, hardware and software updates, saving on office space and power consumption. Also, using a dedicated server hosting can mean getting expert help at an affordable price.

A web based organization user leases a managed dedicated server which is often a sort of dedicated server. Leasing a managed dedicated server is incredibly beneficial to the person. From it, the consumer can certainly have total handle more than the sources with the web server. The person may also pick whether the web server has Windows or Linux operating system on it.

Apart from these couple of popular operating systems, the person can opt for some other operating system that the web host may possibly present using the package. The operator may also possess the style of web applications, hardware, and softwares added on it which often will make the website very highly effective.

Even though this type of dedicated web hosting service is high priced, the positive aspects are great. The web host might even present supplemental services like server administration for extra fees.

The positive aspects of opting for a managed dedicated server are as follows:

As opposed to a colocation web server which uses a colocation facility to run a web server owned with the person, the managed dedicated server is owned through the web service provider. But like the colocation web server, it truly is housed inside a well-maintained data center and gets top-quality expert service.

Quite a few times, the technical aspects of the web server are furnished with the web host. These elements include the managing of web software and Operating system technical support.

Though some operating systems are accessible free of expense, some Os might need payment for utilizing them. For example, the Linux Operating system is essentially free, but the Windows Os just isn’t. An Os known as Red Hat Enterprise is a variant based on the free Linux Os, but is obtainable on payment of monthly fees. Some of the other free operating systems are CentOS, Debian, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD.

The website’s security furnished with the dedicated server is highly dependable compared to that with the shared web hosting server. In an unmanaged dedicated server, the safety with the server could be the responsibility with the web hosting provider. A corporate website demands the most effective server’s potent assets and finish protection for its day-to-day operations. Thus, using Dedicated Server from ESDS  can be hugely beneficial as well as profitable for any small or big company.

Data Centers – World-class Infrastructure

Keeping abreast with the latest global developments about infrastructure, especially energy-efficient data centers, costing more than hundreds of millions of Dollars each, is not an easy task by any means. The building plant needs to fulfill strict measures and must pass the highest-quality guidelines about the ultramodern data center structural, installations, air-conditioning and power efficiency, hardware and data storage, backup power generation, and other needs.

The entire data center plant’s precision-cooling aspects, having a power generation substation, and over-all, making the entire setup extremely eco-friendly are some of the important requirements of any data center. Nonetheless, many data centers have such setups in place to cater to the needs of millions of small and large business clients.

Keeping up with the modern web-technological advances, the data center also needs to have the best hardware and software in place. The security of the entire plant is important because of handling the very sensitive data belonging to millions of these small and big client companies spread all over the world.

The reduction in carbon footprint, improving air-flow, and taking strict measures to fulfill them has its own importance. The backup facilities, the networking, overseeing the entire process round-the-clock, and providing world-class services are masterfully handled by these data centers, thus attracting the global attention for growing offshore business venture.

The rapid advances made in this field are also benefiting the data centers immensely. For example, the US is now creating custom made data centers, catering to specific needs of its company. For example, the immensely popular FaceBook, which started on a few college campuses and with a single web server, now has to look after its 350 million members worldwide!

Until now, it used various colocation facilities, but it now is contemplating on creating its own custom data center to manage specific needs only. The other example is the critical and cost-intensive cooling systems of the data center. There are many power-distribution and cooling technological innovations now to address this hugely critical power and the cooling process which promises to bring the costs of cooling down, will stop or minimize the power loss, and will also integrate natural energy resources like the solar and wind power.

The third example is that the computers, servers, and accessories are undergoing major changes and will be more cost-effective, energy-efficient, and cooler, thus minimizing the need of cooling systems and its rapidly escalating operating costs.

All these innovations will help the data centers and will become more business intensive due to the reduction in costs and rapid technological advancements. All these developments will help them become more profitable and extremely efficient.

Many of the top data centers are using the existing and new web technology to their advantage and their global businesses, including the local businesses, are growing rapidly. Even during the global recession, the data centers worldwide were always in high demand, and the data centers have profited during this time.

These are some of the brilliant achievements of the data centers. The day is not far when the top data centers, for example, the, can make their dream of becoming leading web service providers in the world come true!

Data Centers – World-class Web Services Providers!

Data centers have a growth scope of gigantic proportions. As the local demand for data centers in the US is growing at a rapid speed and is overtaking the local supply quite easily, the western world now is looking at efficient and cheaper in comparison data center facilities in India.

There are five primary aspects to this new phenomenon – the green energy guidelines of the data centers, infrastructure, skilled web technicians, capacity, and the cost-savings – the data centers can provide these requirements quite efficiently.

It is understood that by end of 2011, the present US data centers will be using more than 50 percent of their capacity, and by the end of 2012 or mid of 2013. The US companies will definitely have to look for offshore data center backup solutions as the capacity will cross its limits.

There is another reason that will call for the use of offshore data centers, especially in country like India, which is a stable democracy, a rapidly growing economy, and is equipped with capable skilled workforce. This is because, at present, although there are a few major new data centers being developed in the entire United States, they cannot become operational quickly.

The present data centers, or at least a few of them, are quite capable to handle the US, European, and the local Indian needs very efficiently.

Also with the strict laws in the US about the use of environmental measures, energy-efficiency (improved power efficiency), and data security, the IT industry has already proved it worth by providing highest quality to these US needs. The data centers are now ready to fulfill some of the vast needs of the fast growing online markets of the US, EU, and the Asia-Pacific regions.

Data centers have world-class infrastructure, technology, and the highly skilled engineers.  For example, the ESDS Data Center is built and developed using the highest global standards in this field. Keeping its goals of becoming one of the leading data centers in the world, it already is catering to many global corporations and the top local Indian companies. It now has over 27 Thousand clients worldwide. Thus, it shows the fact that the data centers can compete with the leading data centers in the western world.