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Virtualization Security

When talking about VMware virtualization,  a few years ago nobody thought about how this technology would become complex: today’s large companies and SMEs have sufficiently large virtualized environments for better security. Today, virtualization has become a key enabler to the IT and business for companies. In the initial stage, it was primarily used to consolidate… Read More »


How To Switch To a Virtualization Company?

With virtualization, you can reduce the actual costs and boost productivity, resulting in savings in terms of number of servers, carbon footprint, power consumption and cooling requirements. If you are  trying to protect the environment, improve the reputation of the brand or enhance competitiveness, virtualization is a very interesting proposal. Virtualization allows organizations to leverage… Read More »


Eight Technologies That Transform Business

Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mega-storage, intelligent software and all applications for the use of mobile telephony, for example, still have enough room to grow. Part of the market does not yet know how to use available technologies to transform business and get the work done at higher level. According to me, The Eight… Read More »


Beyond Virtualization: The problems with Data Centers

If we had said this a few years ago, it might not be so believable, but virtualization technology has become widespread, almost essential in many contexts. I believe that automation of systems is essential today, more with the servers that provide cloud computing services: the number of machines in data centers continues to increase, so… Read More »


Virtualization, Standardization, Automation And Cloud Services

In a recent discussion with a couple of friends, the question arose: What are the main challenges for putting ideas into practice with cloud computing services? Some of the questions that were discussed are, in general, common to most companies and so we’ll share them here. Adopting cloud computing is not a simple matter of… Read More »


Know More About Virtualization

What is Virtualization? Virtualization in computing – the process of on-set of computing resources, or their logical association that provides any advantages over the original configuration. This new virtual view of resources is not limited to the implementation, geographic location or physical configuration of component parts. Perhaps it sounds too complicated for an untrained person,… Read More »