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What’s in for Data Localization in India?

With the invention and mass adoption of the Internet, the world has now transformed into a global village. At present, the data can freely flow across the world. Though, some countries of the world are not satisfied with this data flow. Countries like Russia and China have strongly tried to enforce the data localization laws… Read More »


Raised Floors in Data Centers

Raised floor has become an architectural foundation for building modern data centers (DC), but their use is not limited only by machine halls of data centers. Easy upgrade, as well as the ability to quickly add or remove cables, provided with modern modular system makes attractive use of raised floors and other premises. Today, designers… Read More »


How To Build Data Centers ?

What are Data Centers ? Data Centers are a form of value-added service that offers resources for processing and storing data on a large scale for organizations of any size and even professionals may have at hand a structure of great power and flexibility, high security, and also qualified in terms of hardware and software… Read More »