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What are the key points you should consider before selecting a Colocation Provider?

In the IT world colocation services have turned out to be the most popular commodity.  The IT world prefers colocation data centre facility as it allows for renting a space for storing and installing servers and other hardware. It provides the floor space, cooling, power and physical security to the servers, storage and/or applications owned… Read More »


Exploring the Solutions for the Challenges of Colocation Data Center Market

The term ‘colocation’ or ‘colo’ is actually getting popular because of its ease of use. The businesses are heading towards colocation data center with their own servers and IT assets but, some still struggle to understand how to increase revenue by choosing the best colocation data center provider. So, what are some of the main… Read More »


Colocation Benefits – A simplified solution

Colocation hosting services means locating your IT infrastructure to the third party data centers. The data centers which are highly reliable, secure and has fully equipped redundant infrastructure. Colocating your web servers to the data center is always a wise choice as it provides many benefits and secured  physical atmosphere to your server. Colocation web… Read More »