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Virtual reality is also known as computer-simulated reality, which is a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence and the environment in a way that allows the user to interact with it.

Open Virtual Switch – The future of network virtualization

In last few years server virtualization has evolved very rapidly. But this virtualization challenges the traditional networking architecture. To cross the hurdles caused by traditional networks there is new paradigm called open virtual switch. Open virtual switch, a layer 2 switch which is engineered for virtual machines to offer many features and supports some layer… Read More »


Difference Between Virtualization And Cloud Computing

The distinction between Virtualization and Cloud Computing is crucial and necessary for business. For many companies and professionals both are the same. Although Cloud computing uses virtualization, virtualization and cloud computing are not the same thing. They treat IT challenges in various sizes and operated at different scopes with different levels of impact on a… Read More »


Storage Virtualization Solutions Help To Maximize The Virtualization

Server virtualization helps to increase the efficiency of IT resources, but it also increases network bandwidth that pose particular problems for professionals. The paradigm of “the use of a single server, a network port” has been replaced with virtual dedicated servers that perform multiple tasks and use multiple network ports for data transmission, reliability and… Read More »


Virtual Networks and Security Challenges

The sector recorded a real race for the virtualization of data centers and server hosting, in the wake of technological and economic advantages it can offer. The companies, however, should be conscious of the risk arising from plunging too quickly into cloud computing services, since virtual environments have many implications of compliance and safety. Without… Read More »


Virtualization Security

When talking about VMware virtualization,  a few years ago nobody thought about how this technology would become complex: today’s large companies and SMEs have sufficiently large virtualized environments for better security. Today, virtualization has become a key enabler to the IT and business for companies. In the initial stage, it was primarily used to consolidate… Read More »


How To Switch To a Virtualization Company?

With virtualization, you can reduce the actual costs and boost productivity, resulting in savings in terms of number of servers, carbon footprint, power consumption and cooling requirements. If you are  trying to protect the environment, improve the reputation of the brand or enhance competitiveness, virtualization is a very interesting proposal. Virtualization allows organizations to leverage… Read More »


Server Load Balancing With LVS (Linux Virtual Server)

LVS (Linux Virtual Server) is a set of utilities and patches for the Linux kernel that allows the creation of a single virtual server from multiple nodes, all in load balancing and high availability by eliminating the weaknesses of the infrastructure ( SPOF ) If a node falls, in fact, the service is not interrupted.… Read More »


Virtualization In INDIA: “The Less Noise, More Action”

Development of a segment of virtualization as a whole is in full compliance with the extended version of the law, which describes the time variation of the public interest in new technologies and their level of actual use. However, in contrast to SOA, the use of which still lags well behind the projections of three-four… Read More »