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About Sudhir Agnihotri

Sudhir is a seasoned & passionate entrepreneur, with a ‘CAN DO’ attitude! He has been associated with global technology companies & start-ups from over a decade. He has produced, owned and co-owned some unique products that has changed many lives. Currently, Sudhir sees a lot of potential in Artificial Intelligence and is comprehensively invested in the concept.

AI-Enabled Chatbot – The NextGen Support Work Force! ESDS EnlightBot Leads the way!

AI Enabled Chatbot Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the driving seat of this change called as Digital Transformation and it is expected to rule the industries at large until 2020. Chatbot and conversational AI platforms are spear-heading the support system for the industries across. CIOs must quickly adopt and re-work on the support and… Read More »