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Open Virtual Switch – The future of network virtualization

In last few years server virtualization has evolved very rapidly. But this virtualization challenges the traditional networking architecture. To cross the hurdles caused by traditional networks there is new paradigm called open virtual switch. Open virtual switch, a layer 2 switch which is engineered for virtual machines to offer many features and supports some layer… Read More »


Benefits of deploying data center management solution (DCIM) in your DC

In my previous article of ‘DCIM features’  I discussed some key features of data center management solution. In this post we will discuss some key benefits of deploying DCIM solution in your data center. Network operations center’s life was not so easy before launch of DCIM solutions. Still in some DCs asset information is maintained… Read More »


How to document the test plan in testing phase?

Testing is very important phase in any product development life cycle. Product release without testing is very bad practice. The product being develop need to test thoroughly to make sure that the product meets its requirements & has no serious issues in it. Before starting with actual validation, testing activities should be planned properly. If… Read More »


Understanding SSL communication

Consider you are a tech savvy shopper & an online shopping website that doesn’t have SSL is asking for your credit/debit card information, would you enter the info? Off course the answer is no. We always think about our privacy & security when we are online. The ecommerce website owner should always show positive attitude… Read More »


Software Defined Networking (SDN) – An approach for flexible networking

Managing computer network is laborious task. In complex network we need to perform concurrent tasks like routing, traffic monitoring, server load balancing, access control etc. To define the network policies, network administrators need to configure each network device individually from diverse collection of routers, switches etc.  There is big challenge if networks are dynamic and… Read More »