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Cloud Orchestration Platform eNlight 360°

Management of a cloud infrastructure becomes a tiresome challenge for in-house IT staff when massive IaaS and PaaS deployments take place on the cloud. Using programming to manage the interconnectivity and communication between workloads on public cloud and private cloud infrastructure is known as Cloud Orchestration. Cloud Orchestration solutions are designed to create a cohesive workflow… Read More »


Choose the perfect multi-tenant Cloud Management Portal for your business

Cascading among Multiple Organizations, Multiple Data Centers and Multiple Users, a cloud environment that can leverage your business to its optimal value. Multi-tenant architecture is an important aspect of cloud computing understanding which can help clients understand their exact requirement and vendors realize the optimal solutions. But first, let’s take a short recap of what… Read More »


Multi-Tenancy Defined

In future, the SaaS model will require technologies and architectures specifically designed to operate in the cloud hosting services. However, these new architectures and technologies will appear in the long term, intermediate and transient models emerging in the short and medium term, bridging the gap between computational models existing today and the future models to… Read More »