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Digital Transformation Paves the Way for the Finance Industry

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Digital Transformation has created an overwhelming buzz across the business world including the BFSI sector. Digital players in the finance industry have resolved the customer’s struggle to get access to the funds. Technological innovations have paved the way for new services disrupting the traditional ones. Transforming the traditional banking processes,… Read More »


How Digital Transformation is integrating the Healthcare service

DX has revolutionised the way we shop, bank and travel. Data analytics and connected devices together can transform every aspect of a business. Digital technologies are moving at a faster pace and are all set to influence our health and fitness. Healthcare industry has adopted digital transformation in a quest to deliver better healthcare experience.… Read More »


How the Insurance Industry Is Embracing Digital Transformation

The insurance industry is gaining benefits of digital transformation in several ways to mitigate the complex challenges that the industry faces from consumers, regulatory and digital landscapes. The leaders in this industry are looking to develop digital enterprise portals that can be built to meet future needs. Benefits of DX to Insurance Companies i. Easy… Read More »