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How, What, Why’s of hybrid cloud orchestration?

Hybrid Cloud Orchestration There has been a significant increase in the use of cloud computing technology over the last few years. This demonstrates a great opportunity for business innovation, especially those businesses wanting a secure and flexible infrastructure solution, which if we look at, is clearly what hybrid cloud solutions outline. Hybrid cloud is attracting… Read More »


Arrival of Vignaharta in ESDS

Moraya moraya mi baal tanhe tujhich seva karu kaay jane anyay majhe kotyan koti moreshwara baa tu ghaal poti… GANPATI BAPPA MORYA……. With this popular song which resonates in the heart of every child right from the time it is born; irrespective of any religion begins the 10 days’ fun-filled Festival of our very own… Read More »


Things To Consider While Negotiating For Cloud Services

Cloud services are very serious alternative to traditional models of access to IT, and their popularity among companies is growing rapidly. The advantages of such services may be to reduce overall costs, increase scalability, quick to provide solutions and simplifying management. On the other hand, to entrust the key components of technology to another company,… Read More »