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Why Global Mobile Cloud Market Is Predicted To Reach USD 122.8 Billion By 2025?

Well, it is an era of apps! Everything you need to do is done right away with the help of an app in your device connected to the internet. In this article, we will see details about mobile applications and their benefits for businesses. I feel, there is no need to mention what a mobile… Read More »


Cloud Computing in Disaster Recovery Strategy

Companies with data stored in the cloud computing are able to retrieve it in less time than organizations with technology-based data backup to tape devices or removable disks. For large organizations, this information can be bland, it is normal to keep more than one layer of data recovery and disaster recovery solutions. Often, these solutions… Read More »


Cloud Computing with Android

Clouds consist of a huge amount of particles of water vapor, reaching hundreds of millions. Clouds do not have central control and basically go where the wind blows. With this perspective, the large number of client computers and servers on the Internet along with many different purposes and entities that direct control of its progress… Read More »