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Machine Learning Trends in India

Case 1: Netflix Using Machine Learning There are different cases in which Netflix uses machine learning which has had a scalable impact leading to a permanent change in the technology landscape and user experience for many users. The adoption of AI-related solutions by Netflix is now growing stronger with time. Some of the best Use… Read More »


Trendsetters of Digital Transformation

How do companies benefit from Digital Transformation? The businesses today lie at a crucial intersection, where humans along with technology and business need to come together for creating a better and more productive world for the future.  The term “Digital Transformation” seems to be omni-present across all the industries. It also makes it crucial for… Read More »


Interoperability Between Clouds And Critical Mass Of Customers

On May 31st, we arranged a Working Breakfast within subject line technology, and more specifically, on Cloud Services and SaaS (Software as a Service). The report has been generated from the conclusions reached in the debate which arose between the leading professionals of the sector, reveals the rapid evolution of what until recently was a… Read More »