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  • Cloud Offerings

    Cloud Offerings

    1. Unique multi-dimensional scaling cloud platform with pay-per-consumption billing model
    2. Government, BFSI, Enterprise and SAP HANA Community Cloud for respective workloads
    3. Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud deployment models
    4. Block storage and eCOS Object storage on All-Flash
    5. VM’s with user defined resources providing freedom from pre-defined instances
    6. SaaS solutions for vertical industries
  • Cloud Offerings

    Fully Managed

    1. Infrastructure, Operating Systems, Network, Database, Application support, SAP Basis, SAP HANA administration & Security services managed and delivered by certified experts.
    2. Domain-based expertise to understand the requirement/issues and provide quick resolutions.
    3. Comprehensive managed SOC services
    4. Cross Platform Migration
  • Cloud Offerings

    Backup & Data Recovery

    1. High performance multiple backup solutions supporting D2D, D2T types of backup powered by Enterprise-class backup solutions.
    2. Bit level, disk based Data protection
    3. Portable backup and Multi-point replication
  • Cloud Offerings

    Managed Colocation

    1. Deploy and manage your existing infra on our state-of-the-art facility and get free from the stress of maintaining captive DC
    2. Expert assistance for solving problems 24*7
  • Cloud Offerings

    DR & Business Continuity

    1. Work with exuberant DR experts to devise most suitable DR plan based on your requirements
    2. Configuration, Deployment, Management & Monitoring to ensure readiness of DR site with committed RPO
    3. DR drills to ensure data availability and application accessibility at DR site in stipulated RTO
    4. Cost-Effective pay-per-consumption solution


DR & Business Continuity

On-Prem Hybrid Cloud orchestration

eNlight 360˚
  1. eNlight 360 cloud solution comes with a complete hybrid cloud orchestration layer along with a complete Data Center Management Suite and a Security Scanner
DC Monitoring & Management

DC Monitoring & Management

  1. A web-based system for IT asset management, device deployment, comprehensive server monitoring and network management in Data Centers spread across different geo-locations.


SOC services
  1. Through SOC services we offer an overall protection to the users against all forms of digital and cyber threats and help them eliminate their CAPEX and OPEX investment-related concerns.
  1. Website security audit tool to help you stay protected against malware, trojans and other top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities.
eNlight WAF
  1. An intelligent Cloud Hosted Web Application Firewall that detects vulnerabilities and possible attacks on the application.
eNlight Web VPN
  1. A clientless, easily implementable and highly scalable VPN solution providing a secured online connection to remotely located users by offering them a granular access control and protection against common vulnerabilities by leveraging the benefits of an in-built WAF
Cloud Offerings

Other Solutions

  1. iPAS aims to take the Government Offices on a paperless journey automating the planning and budgeting processes. It ensures better management, control and monitoring of works under different schemes and plans along with easy tracking of funds and expenditures.
eNlight Meet
  1. Personalized, Scalable and Secure Video Conferencing Solution for Daily Meetings
eNlight APM
  1. Complete agentless monitoring tool for crucial business aspects. It performs in-depth monitoring even with heterogeneous applications and database backed by a real-time interactive dashboard, allowing the user to analyze health, availability and performance of applications on the go.
  1. Load your enterprise applications to gain high efficiency with globally distributed servers ensuring high availability across locations.
  1. An online portal for registering, addressing and resolving complaints and grievances by notifying the authorized personnel in case of complaints filing