Rising Threat: The Surge in Bad Bot Attacks and Cybercrime-as-a-Service

The Menace of Bad Bots

Arkose estimates that 73% of all internet traffic currently (Q3, 2023) comprises Bad Bots and related fraud farm traffic.


Unveiling the Tactics: Bad Bot Categories

Explore the primary tactics employed by Bad Bots, comprising fake account creation, account takeovers, scraping, account management, and in-product abuse.


Bull's Eye: Industries Most Affected

Bad Bots predominantly target technology (76%), followed by gaming (29%), social media (46%), e-commerce (65%), and financial services (45%). 


Crime-as-a-Service: Fueling Cybercriminal Aspirations

CaaS involves skilled cybercriminals creating and selling advanced tools to less experienced counterparts, enabling easier and more widespread cyber attacks. 


Looking Ahead: The Future of Bad Bots

Gen-AI and the emergence of Crime-as-a-Service will likely intensify the Bad Bot threat, amplifying challenges in the evolving landscape of advanced technologies and criminal tactics.


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