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Security Services

Best-in-Class & Industry-Compliant Security Services

In today’s time, business heads across IT industries face it difficult to manage the security of their critical data. The increased number of cyberattacks and data breaches have resulted in substantial monetary and non-monetary losses to businesses across industries. Without a strong cybersecurity policy, user and business-critical data can potentially target cyberattacks and data breaches. Understanding the importance of core business competencies, ESDS’ Managed Security Services helps businesses focus on their key growth areas. ESDS’ experienced cybersecurity professionals ensure the complete security of business’ web applications and data against any form of online threats and vulnerabilities.

Our Security Portfolio encompasses an umbrella of security services, ranging from Security Services to Cloud Security Services and a Vulnerability Assessment Scanning tool. Addressing the Data Privacy and Localization laws, all the services under the ESDS Security portfolio are offered within Indian geographical boundaries. The critical data and applications are hosted across our Data Centers at Nashik, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, backed by multiple physical and digital security layers, ensuring maximum security.

ESDS’ Security Services Include

SOC Services

ESDS Services offer 360° protection against all forms of digital and cyber threats and risks on an OPEX model and managed by a certified & experienced SOC professionals team. Our team of SOC experts ensures the highest levels of data security and privacy by residing business-critical data and applications within the geographic boundaries of the nation.

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Secure Access Services


eNlight WAF

An intelligent, Cloud-hosted Web Application Firewall allows users easier segregation of incoming and outgoing web traffic. eNlight WAF blocks all forms of online threats such as Injection Attacks, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and other forms of OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities by creating customizable rules.

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eNlight WebVPN

An especially in-house engineered unique and Cloud-based Clientless VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution that comes with a built-in WAF for providing Layer 7 security. By leveraging eNlight WebVPN, users get a highly scalable VPN solution for a secured online connection to remotely located users through granular level control for application accessibility.

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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

With ESDS’ smart and controlled access PAM Services, enterprises can reduce their security risks, comply with industry requirements and closely monitor user-privileged activities. Our PAM Services offer IT, security teams a centralized policy framework for authorizing privileges based on user roles and responsibilities.

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Cloud Security Services


DDoS Protection as a Service

ESDS’ DDoS Protection as a Service is a Cloud-based, continuous traffic monitoring solution that detects and mitigates volumetric attacks in real-time. Our DDoS Services are built on behavioral analysis and attack recognition technology, supported by expert security professionals, 24x7.

Firewall as a Service

ESDS’ Firewall as a Service comes with a highly efficient Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that supports traffic analysis and packet logging across IP networks. Under this service, Protocol Analysis, Content Searching, and Content Matching are also performed. The IPS monitoring interface takes place in layer 2, reducing the need for any IP address or network configuration.


Vulnerability Assessment



It is a complete website security audit tool used for enhanced protection against malware, Trojans, and other OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities. VTMScan gives users the flexibility to schedule their scans so that there is no effect or hindrance on the website performance during peak traffic sessions.

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Benefits of Choosing ESDS’ Managed Security Services

Complete Security Visibility

24/7 Security Monitoring & Operations

Skilled & Experienced Professionals

Highly Scalable Architecture

Customized Solutions

Industry Compliant Services

Why Choose Us

Certified Experts

Experienced and industry-certified industry experts deliver our Managed Security Services

Indigenous Services & Solutions

All ESDS’ Security Services are indigenous with data hosted within Indian geographical limits

Proactive Approach

Our experts are highly proactive as we identify any threat event in advance and can hamper business operations

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated teams take care of customer’ technical and non-technical security aspects as Customer Satisfaction is our top priority

Customer Success

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