GSL Case study

Shilpa Medicare Overcomes Real-time Challenges of SAP HANA Migration, with ESDS and eNlight Cloud



Shilpa Medicare Limited has established itself as one of few companies with integrated development, manufacturing and commercial expertise in complex sector of generic pharmaceuticals. The company develops, produces and markets a portfolio of approximately 50+ high-quality and cost-effective generic medicines. It has a world-wide network of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and modern production plants. It is also one of the fastest growing companies in manufacturing active Pharma Ingredients.


Shilpa Medicare was running SAP systems for its applications, databases and in order to maintain reputation for consistent quality, service and timely delivery. It wanted to migrate development, quality and production functions from SAP to SAP HANA, using best-in-class hosting technology. The company was not looking for industries that follow standard hosting and deployment processes, but instead was keen on joining hands with a data center who would help them face real-time challenges while revolutionizing the process and make the entire transformation to SAP HANA seamless and successful with Hardware setups, infrastructure management, OS management, DB management, Security services, support and monitoring.


ESDS has extended end-to-end hardware setup of SAP HANA with infrastructure management services which includes UPS management, cooling system management, Physical security management and PDU provisioning.

We also took care of OS installation, DB management by installing Sybase database software with complete database support, performance monitoring and health check resource monitoring

eNlight cloud with its Pay-Per-Consume model allows Shilpa Medicare to pay only for the resources which are used and eliminates unnecessary costs.