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ESDS' Leadership Team

Sajiv Nair

Assistant CTO & Head Managed Services

Sajiv believes and lives by "Success comes from one per cent inspiration and Ninety-Nine per cent perspiration". His formula of success is extremely simple but sheer fruitful that no lunches are free and there are no shortcuts to success, strive for achieving the best and keep the thirst for learning at every stage.

He has over 25 years of diversified experience in Project Management, IT Infrastructure Operations, Service Delivery Management and Solution Architecture across IT, Telecom, System Integration, Big Data, Virtualization & Cloud domains.

Sajiv also is a perfectionist wherein his ability to deep dive, implement and evangelize different technologies has got him to a runway of successful endeavors

His persistence in achieving the milestones through collaboration has shown visible results in his prolific career.

His skillfulness and knowledge come from his academic accomplishments too, Sajiv has an E-MBA in Marketing & Diploma in Industrial Electronics.

The way he drives his professional life with a distinctive vision, his personal life is also extremely value-adding. Sajiv indulges in playing Chess, Reading, studying & analyzing different subjects from Spiritual to Astronomy.

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