ESDS' Leadership Team

Renney Varghese

Start to look at the customer experience and work backwards towards the technology – not the other way around

Renney Varghese Product Delivery & Support

Renney Varghese is the Head of Products Delivery & Support at ESDS. He joined ESDS in the year 2016. Renney is responsible for supporting customers throughout phases of POC, implementation and support, during delivery of products.

Renney has extensive knowledge in HCM technologies and BI tool service deliveries.

Renney is always excited to deliver products and services which exceed customers’ expectations and are value adding. Renney has a habit of being proactive and understanding possibilities in advance. He is stringent about timelines and makes it a point to deliver projects before deadlines.

For Renney, ESDS is a place where he is enjoying his work to the fullest, while he has supportive colleagues by his side who enthusiastically work with him to achieve common goals.

Renny has prior experience of 15+ years working with Aress Software, Datamatics Global Services Ltd. and AON Hewitt. He served as India Delivery Lead at AON Hewitt with responsibility of projects and services management.

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