ESDS' Leadership Team

Ravi Ajmera

Ravi Ajmera Chief Financial Officer

Ravi Ajmera joined ESDS’ family in January 2019 as the Chief Financial Officer. Ravi is supremely talented and a highly motivated individual who has a global experience of more than 20 years as a business leader.

At ESDS, Ravi is responsible for formulating and implementing financial strategy, making financial business planning, choosing the right strategic direction for ESDS, streamlining internal functions and defining growth and future objectives.

Prior to joining ESDS, Ravi has performed various leadership roles of CFO, Executive Director and CAO at GreenDust, Nomura Securities and Deutsche Bank, Mumbai respectively. He also has an international stint in USA with Capital One Bank.

Ravi is graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and has been a Merit based scholar in MBA at Case Western Reserve University where he specialized in Finance and Operations. Ravi has been an Elected Member of the Alumni Advisory Council and India Representative of the Weatherhead School of Management, USA for 2012-2015, and has won 3 CEO Circle of Excellence Awards, Capital One. Ravi also has social bent where he has worked with Antar Bharti and participated in Knit India Movement with Baba Amte and has started vocational training for youth in slum areas in Mumbai.

Ravi’s expertise lies across industries, market segments and functions in Retail, BFSI, Healthcare and Education.