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ESDS' Board and Management

Piyush Somani

Founder, CMD & CEO at ESDS Software Solution Ltd; President – CCICI

A born leader and a gifted strategist, Mr. Piyush Somani define what ESDS stands for through his exceptional ability to build and grow a business and nurture-long term relationships. Piyush founded ESDS Software Solution when he was just 23 years old. Still, since then, he has successfully expanded ESDS Group to 19 nations across APAC, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Africa.

Piyush has always focused on innovating technologies like cloud hosting platforms, data center management systems, core banking solutions, and Pay-Per-Consume billing systems to provide great experience and satisfaction to customers.

Piyush has administered various departments in ESDS, from Tech Support, Marketing, Sales & finance, which has elevated and transformed him into a great technology leader. Under Piyush's leadership, ESDS has touched great heights, won laurels, expanded its product portfolio, and caters to some of the best Enterprises, Banks, and Government Institutions in the World. With a strong workforce of over 1000 employees across domestic and international offices, Piyush ensures to personally connect with each employee because he believes in creating and nurturing professional relationships more than anything.

Today ESDS is a leader in offering cloud solutions and advanced technologies purely because of Piyush's forward-thinking mentality and big heart.

Being recognized internationally as a founder of ESDS, Piyush Somani is not just an entrepreneur but a vivid writer and one of the best storytellers. Piyush has decoded and shared his life lessons as an individual and entrepreneur through his books "Entrepreneur with The Fire Within" and "Living in Harmony with the Sun." Despite being smart, experienced, capable, and winning, you may go wrong if the basic life assumptions are not tested well. And that is what he talks about in his books.

 Sep 2022 
Why Is Integrative Leadership Need Of The Hour?

Piyush Somani gave an in-depth view of how leaders have evolved in the few years from the point of view of day-to-day business that defines leadership in the current decade. Along with his vision for ESDS as a brand in the near...

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 Sep 2022 
Here's why data center colocation in India is trending

The pandemic triggered a societal paradigm shift past everybody’s expectations. Over the last two years, the data center industry has accelerated the rate of digital transformation across the globe. The industry has observed ...

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 Sep 2022 
Data centres lay the foundation for resilience against future shocks.

Digital India has been one of the most iconic programmes globally. While there has been a significant uptick in data centers, the government has also enabled IT firms to further process these capabilities. In 2011, ESDS launche...

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Living in Harmony with the Sun

The book details the significance of the Sun, food, and karma in life. After summarizing the guidelines for learning and unlearning, the book discusses the sacred mantras and elaborates on their significance. The spiritual and scientific facets of life and the various things we observe are incorporated into the book. The book explains how Sun is related to every part of our routine and majorly the food we eat. Although the book is brief, the information it contains is priceless

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Entrepreneur with The Fire Within

An unusual yet remarkable journey from school to becoming a successful entrepreneur is described. A man with the belief that "Happiness is beyond material possession, and I want to make 7 Billion people in the world happy." says living for others can spread happiness in the manifold. You have to fight your battles and personal demons. The book mainly discusses how he fought battles and twisted everything with his magical techniques.

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Cloud Journey of India

ESDS acquires India Patent for Auto Vertical Scaling
Mr. Piyush Somani, Founder, CMD & CEO of ESDS propounds the pillars of success of the organization

UK Patent

Patent No.: GB2493812
Date of Patent: Feb. 20, 2013

US Patent

Patent No.: US9176788B2
Date of Patent: Nov. 3, 2015

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