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Worries of ASPs
Is it Possible to Predict the Actual Size of Infrastructure Required during GST Transitioning?
CIOs can’t deny the fact that there is ambiguity in understanding true infrastructure needs as GST is altogether a new ball game. ASPs are facing the challenge of resource sizing as the demand of resources for GST is unpredictable.
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ESDS’ GST Infra Consultants to help you Plan for Size & Scale
How can I implement GST without disturbing my Production/QA/Dev Environments?
If you are looking forward to seamless integration of GST, On-Premise Infrastructure is not the wise choice as it takes an entire lifecycle of Procuring new infrastructure, Compatibility Testing, Integrating & Stabilizing within your existing systems.
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Auto-Scale Resources as per Real Time GST Infra Needs
How do I make the transition to GST at minimum OPEX?
In case of On-Premise Infrastructure, investments are invariably high. Thankfully, Cloud offers ASPs the Scale & much-needed OPEX model especially in the GST Scenario. However, the problem arises when ASPs are put on...
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Pay-Per-GST Resources Used and Save up to 70% Computing Costs
Which is the fastest approach for GST Infrastructure Implementation?
In case of On-Premise Infrastructure, procurement of Hardware, OS, Back Ups, Licenses, Supporting Software is a tedious and time-consuming process. In case of eNlight Cloud Setups, you can Go-Live in 24 hours.
Go-Live with Your GST Infrastructure in 24 Hours
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