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ESDS launches GST - Special Edition Cloud to meet the Burning Needs of GST
The GST Clock is ticking. Tick. Tick. Tick. Time to fasten our seatbelts and take-off to GST as fast as we can. Let the transformation happen with ESDS’ GST - Special Edition Cloud. Wonder what’s special?
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The Stage is Set for Speedy Roll Outs. So, GET-SET-GO!

With ESDS’ GST - Special Edition Cloud, you get the Power of Speedy GST Deployment as GST Implementation engineers are ready to Start Setups in no time. Large Organizations & SMBs are gearing up & gaining the power with ESDS, ARE YOU? 

Falling Costs
Taste the Creamier part of the Tax Pie & eNlight Cloud - Falling Costs!
Yes, costs are falling on ESDS’ GST - Special Edition Cloud. Save up to 70% Cloud Computing Costs with ESDS’ Exclusive “Pay-Per-GST-Resources-Used” billing model. This means when you scale up, you pay only for scaled resources & cut down costs when you scale down.
Remove “Potential” Pitfalls in GST Transformation

Experience NO jerks on your GST Journey with ESDS. Enjoy ESDS’ Full-Swing Enterprise and Exuberant Support right from planning your GST Infrastructure to acquiring “On-the-Fly” support. Make the journey smooth sailing with Full-Swing Exuberant Support. 

Essel Propack
Reach your GST Goals with High Security & Compliance
Don’t hesitate to experiment while you’re on ESDS’ GST - Special Edition Cloud. Perform trial and errors while implementing GST. Surround your Enterprise Application with 7 layers of Cloud Security Infrastructure in India’s Active Uptime Tier III Certified Datacenter.
A Message from GST - Crew - We make your GST Journey Short and Sweet!
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