ESDS Managed SOC Services

ESDS' Security Operation Center Services (SOC Services) are built on cutting-edge technologies handled by highly qualified team working 24x7. The team monitors, analyzes and responds to cybersecurity problems effectively whether on-premise or on the Cloud. Managed SOC services from ESDS help you to strengthen your organization's security posture by identifying and resolving all significant network vulnerabilities. We have one of the most desirable, advanced, and highly sophisticated Managed Security Operation Center in India.


Why Choose ESDS SOC Services?

ESDS Cyber Security Experts deal with a Multi-verse of Cyber Threats

Cyber Security Team Proactively gathers threat intelligence data 24x7

Cutting-edge tools are used for faster incident response time

Alerts are triggered to mitigate risks via Machine Learning & behavior analysis

Indigenous products and solutions backed by 18+ years of expertise

Complete data security, with data securely hosted in Indian data centers

Subscription-based SOC services operating on an OPEX model

ESDS Cyber Security Champions have an unending passion for Cyber Security

ESDS and each of its Cyber Security Warriors have a very clear purpose in mind. We aspire to make more than 1 Billion people happy and connect more than 1 Billion devices securely.

Value Proposition

Real-time service
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Comprehensive Security
Services compliant with Industry Standards

ESDS SOC Service Offerings

Eagle Eye Services by ESDS is a comprehensive and proactive security solution designed to safeguard organizations from cyber threats. The team diligently monitors, analyzes, and responds to cybersecurity incidents effectively. With Eagle Eye Services, ESDS helps organizations strengthen their security posture by identifying and resolving significant network vulnerabilities.


ESDS's Dark Web Monitoring service keeps a vigilant eye on this hidden realm, searching for compromised credentials, leaked data, and other indicators of cyber risks. By actively monitoring the dark web, ESDS aims to detect and mitigate potential security breaches before they can harm the organization. With this proactive approach to cybersecurity, ESDS helps organizations stay ahead of cybercriminals and safeguard their sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Dark Web Monitoring is an essential component of ESDS's comprehensive security offerings, ensuring the protection of their clients' digital assets and reputation.

Vulnerability assessment identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes the vulnerabilities in Physical and Virtual IT infrastructure. Whereas penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities that exists in a system or a network that has existing security measures in place.


The Brand Protection Service by ESDS employs cutting-edge technology and a skilled team to monitor and combat various online threats that could potentially harm your company's image. The Brand Protection actively searches for unauthorized use of a brand's name, logo, or trademarks across the internet, including on social media platforms, websites, and marketplaces. It also keeps a close eye on instances of counterfeit products or fraudulent activities related to the brand. By proactively monitoring and responding to such threats, ESDS helps businesses protect their brand identity, customer trust, and revenue.

SOC Build and Management by ESDS is a comprehensive service that assists organizations in establishing and operating their Security Operation Center (SOC). ESDS provides end-to-end support in creating a robust and effective SOC tailored to the specific security needs of the business. ESDS's expert team then designs and implements a customized SOC architecture, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and best practices in cybersecurity. Once the SOC is up and running, ESDS takes charge of its continuous management and maintenance.

Identifies the security posture of an organization's information systems. Helps to identify security elements needed to obtain the client's desired security posture.


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Other Security Services Delivering Security Excellences

Managed Security Services

With increasing security vulnerabilities, ESDS offers multiple security services like VTMScan, WAF, eNlight Web VPN, and PAM. VTMScan offers users complete website protection through a comprehensive audit of the website's Security. At the same time, eNlight WAF is a Cloud Hosted Web Application Firewall that allows you to filter incoming and outgoing web traffic and block threats like injection, cross-site scripting, and other attacks. Remotely-hosted applications can be easily accessed using eNlight WebVPN. This is highly secure, cost-effective, and accessible from any location via a web browser, making it an excellent clientless SSL VPN solution. PAM solution enables enterprises to eliminate security risks and enhance compliance needs by proactively monitoring user-privileged activities.