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Maharashtra’s State Planning Department and District Planning Committees Turbocharges Civil Development works with iPAS



Government of Maharashtra has adopted the approach of decentralized planning where 5-year planning is done on the basis of districts as a unit. After formation of Maharashtra state in 1960, Government of India agreed to the policy of balanced development on the basis of district as a unit of formulation of five years plan and annual plans. In this process, districts have the discretion to prioritize among the various development schemes within the outlay provided. For this purpose, District Planning Committees (DPCs) was constituted in each district under the Article 243rd of the 74th amendment of the Constitution.

The Need

District Planning Committees (DPCs) plan various schemes, projects and activities for the development of districts. The DPCs were in need of a system which helps maintain and manage need based plan created by DPCs and could monitor system to categorize letters, allocate work, track work status, manage funds and generate reports for these requirements.

The Solution

TESDS developed a Cloud-based office automation system based on the DPC’s requirements. . iPAS offered a holistic view of all the operations carried under the district planning committees and it allowed the state planning administrators to view real time progress of public works in their district/city. Moreover, ESDS provided 4 main features which the DPCs needed the most. Document Management System, Fund Management and Monitoring, Work Flow Automation and GIS based work monitoring.

The Benefit

iPAS successfully automates all activities carried out by the DPCs and the implementation agencies. It has also eliminated any type of paperwork which was earlier involved in the manual process. The system has also improved DPC’s productivity by reducing the document process time. At the same time, district planning officers can now easily track and monitor the work carried out by the implementation agencies, enhancing the reliability and credibility of the reports.


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