If you have a dedicated server you should always find some or the other ways to manage your dedicated server properly as this is very important so that your server works properly and this effects your websites. You can manage your server properly by having some arrangement for scheduling the tasks and this can be done by installing Crontab on your Windows Dedicated server. Crontab is a feature which is included in Plesk control panel which is the control panel for Windows Dedicated server. With the help of Crontab you can schedule tasks on your windows dedicated web servers. This means that you can run certain tasks on your Windows Dedicated server as and when you want without even running the task manually.

These tasks are automated and they will run on the server according to the time and date settings you have selected in the Crontab. This makes it very easier for you to manage your server. Also, another benefit which is included in the Crontab is the feature of receiving emails about the server status. So you will receive emails on the email address about the server status.

To install Crontab on Windows Dedicated server, follow the steps given below:

1) First, click on Crontab

Note : If you do not wish to receive any emails regarding the server status do not enter the email address in the box provided.

2) Now click on Add New Task.

3) You’ll need to enter the specific paramaters to set the frequency of the task. Enter * to select all.

4) Then simply enter the path to the file that will execute the crontab: i.e. /usr/bin/python-s/var/mailman/cron/checkdbs and click OK