RV skin is the skin management software for Linux Dedicated servers. RV skin is advanced and multi-themed and it is the best tool for you as it will help you to lower down the operating cost of your server by reducing the support which is needed with the Linux Dedicated server. RV skin is very good tool and will help you to create separate users for different tasks on the server. For example, Email maintainer, web and database maintainer etc. Every user will have only a limited set of feature. Also, it is very easy to use RV skin and the best part is, unlike any other skin management software RV skin supports more than 24 languages according to the current version. You will be able to have these languages under one license i.e. you will not have to buy any other license for any of these languages.

RV skin can be installed on Linux Dedicated server with a few simple steps. These steps are given below :

1) You should have SSH root access on the server. Also, make sure that you have the license for RV skin. Follow the steps given below for shell :

mkdir /root/rvadmin;
cd /root/rvadmin;
wget http://member.rvskin.com/auto_rvskin.tgz;
tar -xvzf auto_rvskin.tgz; perl auto_rvskin.plc

* If you get the question:

The authenticity of host “rsync.rvskin.com (” can’t be
established.RSA key fingerprint is 28:3e:e7:5f:bf:0a:51:f7:39:91:70:9a:2a:6d:e7:e6.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

Check the fingerprint if it is correct. and type ‘yes’.Then you need to answer a few questions on your shell and wait until the process is completed.

It will take nearly 2-5 minutes for completion. A new account “rvadmin” will be created automatically.

2) Then you need to login to your

RVskin manager through your WHM >> Add-ons(right at the bottom)
[If do not find the RV Skin Manager option,close the WHM and relogin to WHM.]

Goto RVskin manager in WHM

* Set global configuration
* Set default language
* Create non-package feature list
* Set tweak setting, reseller feature control, body links, top links, help, tutorial links, and etc.
* Test configuration setting in 2 hosting accounts.
# rvadmin: this account can consider to be account belong to root
# reseller’s client: this account will reflect setting from reseller skin manager. If it is not configured, it will remain anonymous.

3) Changing user cpanel to RVskin themes :

a) You can change the default theme to an RVskin theme through your WHM / Server Setup / Edit Setup. You need to search for ‘ default cpanel skin ‘, and change the text field to your desired theme.

b) Change RVskin theme to be the default for each hosting package, and change current hosting account’s theme to RVskin theme. There are 2 ways to do this :

1> Changing in WHM : In WHM / Packages / Edit Packages and modify hosting account theme for hosting package one by one. After change,cPanel will try to update current hosting accounts using this package to the new theme.

2> Changing in SSH : Change default theme for hosting packages - This way you will not get email notification (It works only for changing theme, if you want to change others such as disk quota, don’t do this.Run these commands :

cd /var/cpanel/packages
replace CPMOD=x CPMOD=rvblue — *
replace CPMOD=x2 CPMOD=rvblue — *
replace CPMOD=???? CPMOD=rvblue — *

If you have followed the steps properly and everything goes well you will have RV skin installed on your Linux Dedicated server.