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System recommended for a single server

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  • System recommended for a single server

    I need help installing a new server and do not know what system would be recommended, some windows server or just a windows 7?

    It would be used to share a folder with a management application with about 8 customers using XP, something that is not too complicated to create permissions and only shared with the working group that is already armed. Would need to have support for RAID as I believe the board does not support and SSDs can be used (I understand they need some special functions to make the discs do not wear out easily).

    Previously had a novell netware 6.5 system which was a big mistake and still could not recover any data as it gives an error in the system startup.

    Appreciate your recommendation

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    If you are more Winguy, windows server 2012/2016 is more than enough, it is better OS server for workgroups of Win XP (outdated and no developer support ) or Win 7.


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      Thank you for the recommendation! I did not understand if I include win 7 or not .. I have understood that any of these does not include some features for the best performance and duration of SSDs. What if I install a windows server with the basic version? Would it be better?


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        Yes, the same basic function you used to want to give it. The Windows Server 2012 R2. Windows 7 if you will not manage any AD. You might also serve the pro version.