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Effects on viruses on hardware...anyone?

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  • Effects on viruses on hardware...anyone?

    I always had this question in my mind but never really cared about asking anyone so thought i would ask this on a public forum...do computer viruses really affect hardware?

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    When you talk about a computer virus it generally applies to software issues BUT there could be an instance where the virus that has infected your PC forces the computer to run at a 100% load all the time which might make the typically never-cleaned desktop overheat. If the computer is used on a regular basis then i am sure you will figure out this issue. As we know over heating of the computer can cause shutdowns which could indirectly affect your HDD from writing before they flush the data. Most of the viruses these days do not affect your hardware as their sole purpose is to use your computer for their own benefits.


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      Your Hardware runs on drivers, without drivers installed your hardware will be inactive and drivers are software pieces, hence if your drivers get infected with virus, your hardware is prone to be affected by it.
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        Some critical viruses may effects on PC hardware; however, for a long time I am using an antique PC, which often gets infected due to the virus, but yet I havenít faces any hardware damage issue.
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          I completely agree with Omkar, as drivers acts as an interface between Software and Hardware, Viruses we see are in form of intrusions in data that is mostly to cause deactivation of services. Drivers we can say is a mapping platform between H/W and S/W that is in form of data, if this data gets misaligned due to viruses than it will surely cause a misbehavior of hardware.