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Manage your seasonal peaks with efficient ecommerce hosting!

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  • Manage your seasonal peaks with efficient ecommerce hosting!

    People are getting more and more engrossed in online shopping, due to busy calendars to go and shop in real. This provides a food for thought of sellers to increase their sells by adopting ecommerce website.
    As an upshot, many sellers are turning towards online business using ecommerce websites. There are different options to sell online, one can use paid online portals (Like Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, etc.) for selling their commodities through those portals or one can buy an exclusive dedicated ecommerce website (Like Magento).
    Traffic to ecommerce sites is not persistent; it keeps fluctuating depending on seasonal flow and change in tastes of people. At times of seasonal spikes, website is not able to handle the heavy traffic and may respond slow or can even crash sometime. A business can miss roughly 25% of its online customers due to slow sites.
    Flexible ecommerce hosting has to be adopted to avoid losing customers and to increase sell in seasonal peaks. ESDS Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers Fully Managed websites with a Custom-Built Back.
    Ecommerce hosting providers must offer following features for hosting any ecommerce site.
    99.99% Uptime: Maximum uptime of a system to provide with an uninterrupted working of site is an important factor.
    Unlimited Bandwidth: Bandwidth provided to be unlimited to carry seasonal traffic spikes effortlessly on website.
    Flexibility: Configuration of site according to the need of hour and as required by a client must be flexible.
    Fast and secured Back-ups: All data should be easily and securely backed up.
    Tech support: An exuberant ecommerce support to resolve all glitches related to ecommerce hosting.
    With adoption of efficient ecommerce hosting one can effortlessly manage seasonal peaks in traffic on sites and increase business productivity as desired.

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    In addition, when online business has a large audience base and also targeting different countries from all over the world then one must consider a true cloud hosting solution that also deliver auto-scaling feature to scale resources during festival or season peak loads.


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      Yes Abner You are absolutely correct.. Auto-scaling is very important feature for utilization of resources efficiently which is very important in times of traffic peaks, with efficient ecommerce hosting provider traffic can be easily managed with vertical scaling and it scales automatically down when traffic decreases. This also helps in cost benefits. I missed out very important feature.

      If i have missed out any more features please share..


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        Does we allocate dedicated/fixed resources with this auto-scalability feature and then it scales automatically if required? I not kindly correct me with this perspective.
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          Hi Gaby!

          we can allocate range of resources and automatic scaling will be done within provided range with increase or decrease of load load, charges will be applied according to the utilization. You can contact our Support team for further information. I would be glad to hear from you...

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            Up scaling and Down scaling for ecommerce hosting using cloud can be done live, that is real time, or it makes it possible by keeping downtime?


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              If you have allocated adequate resources for scaling to cope up sudden spikes then whether you’re scaling up or down, your sites will not experience downtime.
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