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10. Assigning IPv6 addresses.

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  • 10. Assigning IPv6 addresses.

    Manual mode:
    In Manual mode full 128 bit/32 hex characters/8 words are typed manually.
    In Autoconfig mode network portion is advertised by router and interface ID is auto generated by host which is also known as eui-64.
    EUI-64 : Extended unique Identifier 64 bit.

    RS : Router Solicitation
    RA : Router Advertisement
    Host has its own 48 bit long MAC address. It generates 64 bit Interface ID using this 48 bits. Now it asks to router for network address which is known as RS ( Router solicitation ).
    In reply of that router sends its prefix (network portion).
    Host attaches generated 64 bits with routerís advertised 64 bits and creates 128 bit IP address.

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    Whats the news on IPV6 !!

    When will it be available in general use ?


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      IPv6 :
      128 bit,
      no broadcast address support,
      no use of NAT/PAT,
      has the ability to use MAC address for auto configuration(EUI 64),
      IPsec is mandatory or inbuilt(not sure),
      provided multicast and anycast.


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        Hello Deltavictor,

        IPv6 is already launched in market.

        There are many advantages of this, Its of 128 Bits.


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          Originally posted by Deltavictor View Post

          Whats the news on IPV6 !!

          When will it be available in general use ?
          Hello DeltaVictor,

          Ipv6 was structured in 90's. Even Windows XP suppots IPv6.
          So anyone now-a-days can use IPv6 but its network devices need to be configured for IPv6.

          Many Companies in US and Europe are running on IPv6.
          60% IPv6 Traffic of world is generated by sole France.

          ISPs in India already have implemented their networks IPv6 supportive.

          So just configure your device and flow in the Ocean of IPv6 packets.