Expansion on cards for ESDS Software

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Expansion on cards for ESDS Software

Buoyed by the success of its eNlight Cloud Technology, ESDS plans to expand its base in Nashik

Nashik, considered to the one of the World's Holiest Cities, is getting ready for a brand new identity; that of an Information Technology Hub. The world is waking up to Nashik's huge potential in the Information Technology Space, with many names emerging as Front Runners in IT. The one leading the pack is ESDS Software Solution; a Satpur based Datacenter Company, which has caught the attention of the IT Industry more than once, and for all the right reasons. ESDS, in November last year, launched their indigenous Cloud Platform, called eNlight Cloud, which is the world's first intelligent Cloud specializing in the revolutionary Pay-Per-Resource Consumed model, Auto Scaling which provides RAM & CPU on the fly without the need to reboot and Instant Server Deployment, besides many other unique features. eNlight Cloud guarantees high performance, scalability, reliability and affordable Hosting, and has been designed especially for the SME's, which can drive the maximum benefit out of eNlight.

The Pay-Per-Consume Model is one of its kind, which allocates unlimited resources to the Users, ensuring that they have a huge resource pool at their disposal, but charges only for the Actual Resource Usage. This leads to better control with extremely low costs incurred by the users, thus creating a win-win situation.

Since eNlight's Grand Launch, by one of India's Legendary Cricketers, Mr. Kris Srikkanth, success has been knocking the doors of ESDS. As per stats, the volume of orders is consistently increasing, thanks to eNlight's excellent performance. eNlight's customers are a happy lot, since downtime and performance problems are now history.

eNlight has not only been a hit with the Customers, who seem to be swearing by it, but also with ESDS' Competitors and Partners in the Industry. In a recent interview, Mr. Chandan Dange, the Director of Technology for Ultimate ITPL, a leading IT firm in Pune, which partnered with ESDS to host the Maharashtra State Election Commission's website on eNlight Cloud successfully, stated that "eNlight is a home grown cloud computing platform that improves efficiency and leads to great savings in terms of cost, besides reducing the carbon footprints significantly."

In a short span of six months, eNlight Cloud has become the favorite product of many organizations and establishments like (Maharashtra State Election Commission), MPSC, MSRDC, MERI, MEDA, MUHS and many co-operative banks, as well as co-operative societies.

The young and dynamic CEO of ESDS, Mr. Piyush Somani adds, "Slowly various companies have started realizing that switching to cloud computing and cloud hosting reduces power consumption and server hardware requirement by nearly 70 percent. They have realized that cloud is the inevitable future technology, owing to the importance of 100% uptime, which is on a steady rise. Many companies in the US and UK have moved to online platform, and the trend is catching up in India too, where soon people will switch to the online websites for various purchases. With the rise in online websites, uptime will gain prominence in India as well and cloud computing/hosting will come into picture."

Upbeat by the success of eNlight, ESDS now plans to add another 10,000 sq.ft to its current state-of-the-art DataCenter facility, and is planning to buy around four acres of space in the industrial area.

Adds Piyush Somani on a positive note, "while the absence of air connectivity continues to be a concern for IT companies who want to set base in Nashik, but the new Express highway between Nashik - Mumbai has been a major development in recent times, reducing the time taken to travel between the two cities to merely 2 hours. The scenario is set to improve further, with new developments taking place every day. However, until then, companies like ESDS will continue to break their own records to become a force to reckon with, in the Global IT industry."

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