Nashik's growth catching all attention!

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Nashik's growth catching all attention !

Talents, aptitude aren't location specific. They often shoot from places least expected. For that matter, Nashik too was never an exception to this and it was only that the sea of talent from here always flowed to bigger cities for better opportunities. Fortunately, with the passage of time the brain drain has stopped to some extent and the spark in the people here is now more evident.

While the IT industry may not be as huge as in other cities, the unexplored chunk of talented IT professionals and engineers can definitely rouse interest among IT and BPO companies outside Nashik. Piyush then decided to setup a datacenter of ESDS in India and make ESDS equally popular in India as well.

A land was procured by ESDS Software in the year 2008 and construction was started at the end of year 2008.

Last year, a renowned global IT and business process outsourcing organisation that set up a center in Nashik in 2007, chose its Nashik center for the quality award for 2010, despite it having centers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and other cities. Elated by the large scale five star ratings from the customers to this center, its director decided to put an even bigger set up in Nashik that can accommodate at least 5000 employees.

Says Piyush Somani, CEO of ESDS DataCenter, "Nashik has talent and I am confident about the research skills of professionals here.

In fact the researches of IT engineers are even better than those happening elsewhere. For instance, our team developed Intelligent Cloud, a cloud computing platform that brings down the load on websites during peak traffic. Who has done this before? Talk about taking care of e-governance, core banking implementation, and our professionals have been most successful in this."

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