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ESDS eNlight Cloud is indigenously built on Intelligent Cloud Computing platform. It provides on demand virtual machines and auto scaling of virtual machines. eNlight Cloud provides complete control of computing resources to the users for their servers. It enables the users to create servers within seconds, thus enabling delivery of computing resources on demand. It’s "intello-sense" dynamic resource allocation feature allocates and de-allocates the resources based on the load it senses. The intelligent algorithm to predict the load not only uses the current load but also the historical data using sampling methodology and allocates resources accordingly without reboot of systems. This enables application to handle any kind of spike in the load. Users can create any number of virtual servers & perform several operations on them using user friendly control panel including their servers’ resource usage.

With the objective of enabling cloud anywhere anytime, ESDS has developed mobile application of eNlight cloud platform. eNlight mobile application empowers its users to perform cloud management operations from smart phones from anywhere anytime. Few important features of eNlight Mobile application are as follows:

Know More about eNlight Cloud APIs


VM List: This functionality provides list of virtual servers under customer account. The list includes all the VM’s, whether they are active, inactive or in suspended stage. Following information is displayed in the VM list function.

  • Virtual machine name.
  • Virtual machine IP address.
  • Search Option with virtual machine name as well as IP address of virtual machine.
  • Operating system type of virtual machine.
  • State of VM i.e. running, suspended or stopped.

Authentication: One important feature of eNlight Mobile is single sign-on feature. ESDS has its cloud users across the globe and single sign-on feature enables the customers to access their virtual resources of eNlight cloud. eNlight Mobile has multiple authentication layers and required additional password (transaction password) for critical transactions like create VM, stop VM and so on. This helps in providing better security for virtual resources.


Create VM: This functionality of eNlight Mobile allows users to create virtual machine instantly from anywhere anytime within seconds. While creating the virtual machine, user can set/provide the following details

  • Virtual machine display name
  • Choose any Virtual machine template from existing template list to create VM from.
  • Enable Autoscaling
  • Lower and Upper limit of RAM as well as CPU if scalability needs to be controlled within certain limit
  • Additional note related to VM so that it can be classified as per user requirement.

Edit VM: This functionality of eNlight Mobile enables users to edit the resources of any exiting virtual machine from anywhere anytime if auto-scalability is set within a range. For example if user has assigned 32 GB of RAM to any particular virtual machine and wants to increase it from 32 to 64 GB instantly, he can do that with eNlight Mobile. As soon as changes are made to the virtual machine, the changes start getting reflected in actual resources of VM and same can be monitored from monitoring function. With edit function, user can perform following tasks.

  • Change Display name of VM and set as per requirement.
  • Change RAM allocation of virtual machine.
  • Change CPU allocation of virtual machine
  • Change additional note of VM to describe it.
  • Change mode of operation like Auto Scalable virtual machine to static resource VM.

Resource Monitoring: Monitoring enables users to make appropriate decisions based on different parameters and business needs. eNlight Mobile provides complete graphical representation for monitoring of resources like RAM, CPU, disk and data transfer.

  • RAM monitor graph displays total allocated RAM against used RAM. If system has 64 GB allocated RAM and used is only 50 GB, it will be displayed graphically in % of utilization.
  • CPU monitor graph displays the % of CPU used against allocated CPU. If CPU is set in dynamic allocation mode, as load increases, the graph will immediately show the effect in real time.
  • Data transfer done by the respective virtual machine in last one minute is displayed as part of bandwidth utilization details.
  • The base disk allocated while creating VM is also displayed.

Real time Notifications and call logging:

Another core pillar of eNlight Cloud Mobile application is its instant notification system which works on Push technology. With its Push messaging system, user receives critical alerts instantaneously and can immediately take action such as creating a support request using the eNlight Mobile application.

Users can add sub-administrators to their accounts who can simultaneously receive this alerts and notifications into their Phones & track actions taken by Admins.

These notifications can be created for both server and service monitoring. Users can use Client portal to customize them. Default monitoring includes PING & TCP service ports. This puts power in users hand to be close to his infrastructure on-the-go.

  • Change Display name of VM and set as per requirement.
  • Change RAM allocation of virtual machine.
  • Change CPU allocation of virtual machine
  • Change additional note of VM to describe it.
  • Change mode of operation like Auto Scalable virtual machine to static resource VM.

Billing Information and CRM contact:

It notifies the user of their billing information according to their VM’s resource utilization. It briefly provides current balance status & last recharge status of the respective VM of the client. User can directly communicate with assigned dedicated CRM via eNlight Mobile.

  • Current balance in user’s eNlight account
  • Used balance from last recharge of eNlight account
  • Last recharge details of eNlight account
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